Guidance and tipping

Tipping (Gratuity) in Nepal

A tip, or gratuity, is defined as a gift of money given to someone for performing a service or task, over and above the payment due for the service. Tips, which are not required in all countries, are expected in some denomination for good service from those in the industries where tipping is expected.

Most workers in Nepal don’t earn much, and in Nepal, tipping is not compulsory but is expected. You must be familiar with the tipping etiquette there and is very much appreciated for a good service. You can either tip in local money – Nepali Rupees or US dollar (cash) is acceptable everywhere, so make sure you change to Nepali Rupees. You can also tip the driver and a tour guide some 4-6 USD per person per day for package tour and some 8-10 USD for a day tour. No need to tip the taxi driver when the fare is negotiated. In case the taxi uses the meter a small tip of around 10% of the meter reading might suffice.

Most of the restaurants have a 10% service charge. In such cases tipping is at your discretion. Smaller restaurants usually don’t have this service charge and a tip of around10% of the bill would be appreciated.

In long tours of 4 days or more when the guide is with you 24/7 in the mountains there are no guidelines for tipping. The service provided could be anything from a helping hand on a difficult trail to saving you from a complex situation. Tipping in such situations is solely at your discretion.