Top 10 Lifetime Experiences in Nepal

Nepal one of the "poorest" nations and is starkly different from the rest of the world, but prides in a range of ethnic groups with different religious philosophies living in harmony - key to transformational experiences

Nepal boasts an amazing natural canvas between 70 m and the top of the world with a rich biodiversity, and the guardians of this space are one of the friendliest people on earth. With multiple ethnicities practicing various philosophies living in peace, the combination of scale and humans living in that space leads to the possibility to create amazing Lifetime Experiences.

Here are a few that we offer here at socialtours

View the Highest point on Earth

Reach viewpoints at Kalapatthar, Renjo La, Cho La or Pikey Peak to marvel at the range with the highest point on earth, along with three other 8000m peaks on multi-day treks. To ease it, opt to chopper up for breakfast, or take an hours mountain flight.

Mountain Bike the Deepest Gorge in the World

World class natural trails, a gorge six kilometers deep between two 8000+m peaks, amazing wild landscape and one of the friendliest people on earth - all of this contribute to a lifetime mountain biking experience on the Mustang Trails.

Search for the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger

Nepal boasts zero poaching of the rare one horned rhino, and the tiger population has almost doubled. All this comes with stringent rules, and great community engagement. Understand this on the Search for the Elusive Tiger in the Jungles in the South

Indulge in Ethnic Nepali Cuisine

Go back with a skill in a deep appreciation of local lifestyle through a cooking course. Deepen this understanding by layering in a Local Foods Trail, a Spice focussed journey, a Coffee Experience or a Slow Food Trek.

Journey into Sacred Valleys (Shangri-La)

When Buddhism got repressed in Tibet, pilgrims fled into hidden impenetrable valleys in Nepal to preserve "enlightenment". These valleys are called Beyuls. Visit these in guided multi-day journeys into Rolwaling, Limi, Dolpo and Tsum.

Immerse in Tibetan Buddhism with a Monk

Go deeper into the understanding of the philosophies guiding Nepal, through an appreciation of Buddhism and Hinduism in practice, or through debating with a monk. Deepen understanding of cultures that fosters global peace.

Bungee / Swing from a 160 m high suspension bridge

One of the highest bungees in the world, the suspension bridge at Last Resort offers an adrenalin rush that is not for the faint hearted. Combine with a worthy stay at this camp close to the Tibetan Border or add on canyoning and rafting.

Dance with Shamans at a Lake during Full Moon

Shamanism is alive and well in Nepal and during the August full moon, apprentice shaman go to a high mountain lake, dance the whole night and turn into full Shaman. Experience this ancient graduation ritual in a journey with local pilgrims.

Join Locals in a Celebration of Rice

Get a total experiential highlight planting rice with locals on a day dedicated to the celebration of food. End the day with a local meal, in a full sit down feast prepared by the community with the most advanced cuisine in Nepal - the Newars.

Experience High Altitude Coffee from Crop to Cup

Understand the coffee process in a couple of hours or immerse yourself in a full crop to cup experience, from harvesting during a farm stay, processing, roasting and brewing, all the way to by-products and recycling.

Raj Gyawali

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