Nepali Speciality Coffee

Nepali coffee is considered a specialty and is in demand the world over.

The Story of Coffee in Nepal.

As a former farmer coming back from his foreign trip several years ago, he brought in some coffee beans and decided to try it out in his native district in Argachanchi, in West Nepal. He discovered it did well and he encouraged other farmers to also grow it. However, they did not find the market for it, so in the village they used to just eat is as a vegetable, making a stir fry or a curry out of it. The knowledgeable few of course made it into coffee.

At the turn of the century, the Nepali coffee was rediscovered and currently its undergoing a developmental boom. Farmers all across the mid-hills of Nepal, stretching from East to West, are finding it profitable to grow some coffee as an alternative to the back-breaking, low income crops that are the staple in Nepal - rice and maize.

Small farmers grow the coffee in their small holdings, and bring them to a central collecting center in the area, a small cluster of villages, where the collector collect, pays cash, sorts out the beans, cleans them, and does the first part of the process to go through wet processing and drying, yeilding green beans.

These are then picked up by bigger collectors who are blending them and selling them, nationally and internationally.

Some of course do not follow the trend. Karma Coffee in Kathmandu goes to individual farmers, and buys locally, creating an exclusive single origin coffee, which recently achieved 85 speciality points.

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