Wiring Money to Nepal

Once everything is ready for your holiday, its time to get the money to Nepal. When you transfer / wire money to Nepal just keep the following in mind.

  • IBAN is not used in Nepal. Instead we use a SWIFT code. You can find out the code for the bank by asking the beneficiary.
  • Its mandatory to mention the reason why you are sending money to Nepal. e.g. "payment for holiday / trek"
  • Make sure that the name of the beneficiary and bank is accurate. A small error results in a lot of bureaucratic hassle
  • Please add a small amout ($20) to cover bank charges. This might vary by banks.

ATMs are widely available in major cities and towns but have a withdrawal restriction of around USD 1000 per day. The amount can be withdrawn in 3 transactions with each transaction not exceeding USD 300.(withdrawal will be in local currency) Transactions carry a surcharge which would be much higher than wire transfer.