Cook like a local experience

We started our cooking class from May 1, 2011 and we believe the program is the most popular local trip of socialtours. The class happens every day except Saturday and few public holidays according to Nepali calendar.

We are gratified to receive positive feedback from our clients during their life changing experience while cooking with the local chefs.

The essence of “Pay what you think is worth” has been important factor that is enchanting a lot of people to this course. The policy creates a fun situation sometimes because after completion of class clients get confused to valuate pricing of the cooking course. In this case, we advise them to consider it as a normal restaurant meal and pay according to the experience they gathered from the cooking course.

We take our clients to nearby local shops to buy needed ingredients, vegetables, meats before starting cooking class where our chefs explains ingredients that they are buying. The shops in local market are really small so one should be prepared for hustle and bustle situation. In fact, most of the clients claim visit to ancient local Bazar at heart of Kathmandu to be main highlight of the course.

We also have chefs from all around the world to join our cooking class. Once a chef was warning our staff member to properly handle sharp knife and then this Canadian chef showed us his chopping skills. He could no longer hide his identity. That was a funny moment. He even taught our chefs to make a clear soup that can go well with momo and he also learnt the art of folding momo’s. It was both ways.

This essence of synthesizing culture from all over the world, learning, sharing knowledge from one another, experiencing local cuisine is foundation of our cooking course. As food tourism is so much in hype this days, travelers should not miss the chance of tasting the local delicacies whenever they travel. And on top of that if someone gives you an opportunity to cook and eat like a local then you should not definitely miss the opportunity. This is the reason why we are running this trip from so long to give that local gastronomical experience.

Socialtours strictly keeps track of its revenue stream occurred through cooking course. Most of the revenue goes to local shop where we buy all the ingredients, water jar for the kitchen, gas (fuel) for cooking course. Hence, a local market is the one highly profiting by this cooking course. In addition we have an overhead rental fees of the place, salaries for the staff and government tax. Finally after deducting such expenses remaining revenue stay within the company. So according to this chart 60-70% of revenue is immediately streamed back to society. 60-70% goes to local market, around 25% goes to overhead and the rest of it 5-10% is allocated as company’s profit. The high revenue streaming back to society for a multiplying effect thus represent our direct positive action towards "Responsible business".

We are willing to sell our work at it's perceived value, as determined by the client. We are actually challenging our clients to think deeply and honestly about the value they bring to our business and to pay us accordingly. But we make sure, pay what you think is worth startegy makes no judgment’s about the financial abilities of the people involved.