Kathmandu Rim hikes

Hike about five hours in the southern ridge of Kathmandu valley, the line of sight allowing majestic views of the city and the Himalayas beyond.

  • Courtesy - Jay san
  • Courtesy - Jay san


Twenty-five years ago, the hills around Kathmandu were barren, deforested mostly. Today, they are green, full of forests, thanks to the community forestry projects that have helped Nepal become one of the leaders in reforestation in the world. A few years ago, the Chandragiri Hills project set up a cable car to reach the southern hilltop at 2540m. The hike from here to the Hattiban Forests, an old preserved forest, is spectacular.

This is probably the best hike in Kathmandu valley, notwithstanding the steps that sometimes can be a pain. Starting at Chandragiri using the new cable car, we start by enjoying the views all the way to the Annapurnas on a clear day and the whole Himalayan range where the big giants are in Nepal.

From there, we follow the ridge all the way to the Hattiban forests, where four to five hours later, we could end with a delicious lunch at the Hattiban Resort, or get picked up for a rest in our hotel. The trail is partly forest, partly open grassland, and it always has great views.

You will be having a picnic lunch atop one of the hilltops.

Itinerary - Southern Ridge

We start early from Kathmandu around seven-thirty or eight so that we can catch the first cars up the cable car to Chandragiri. Upon arrival at Chandragiri, we stop to marvel at the views, before going up to the temple that is the reason why the cable car is there. After a short break, we set up going steadily downhill all the way down to a pass that leads into another valley. From here, a steady climb will lead us into the fourth highest peak in the valley, Champa Devi, where we stop for a picnic lunch. Post lunch an approximately 500 m downhill will lead us to the road head, where we will be picked up!

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Hike
Altitude Gain: 400m approx.
Total Time: 6 - 7 hours with about four hours of hiking maximum

PRICE quoted here is based on two persons booking and above. For just one person booking, a surcharge of USD 60 will apply


  1. 1. Stopover at Hattiban Resort for some coffee and cake with a view before driving back
  2. 2. Drop down to the biodynamic agriculture farm and bottle houses at the Kevin Rohan Memorial Foundation on the way back, instead of back to Hattiban Resort
  3. 3. Add an overnight at Hattiban Resort, and the next day hike down to the valley floor, to make for a wonderful overnighter. Ask for details.


Vehicle to cable car and from road head
Cable Car ticket
Hiking Guide




  • Champadevi hike

  • View of Langtang and Jugal range from Chandragiri Hills

  • Champadevi hike




Make this trip an overnighter by staying at the Hattiban Resort and enjoy their amazing sauna! well worth it!

Another overnight idea is to hike two hours to Chitlang and stay there, enjoying the simple life, the French Cheese factory etc. Come back in the evening the next day the same way, using the cable car.

Convert this into a two day hike, by staying one night at Hattiban Resort and the next day walking all the way down to the valley floor to the beautiful settlement of Bungamati and Khokana.