Talk to a Local Expert

Chat with a local expert over a coffee or a drink in Kathmandu, and clear all your queries about travelling in Nepal. Do this at the beautiful Kar.ma coffee, Nepal's first coffee boutique.

  • Courtesy - Marianne Heredge

ON DEMAND | 0900 - 1000 hrs
Min 1 - 10 persons max

Once in Kathmandu, making all the travel decisions can be daunting. While information is easy to find in Kathmandu, there is always a subliminal interest in selling. On this hour, we chat in a paid session, with an unbiased information sharing mechanism, aimed at enhancing your trip in Nepal.

NOTE: We are a travel company, and have over 15 years of providing accurate reliable information that have helped hundreds of travellers have a great trip, apart from delivery excellent offbeat travel options. On this particular offer, we however, WILL NOT sell you any of our trips, but are happy to offer you our knowledge.

Typical questions could be

- Which trek is the best for me?
- How do I choose the right Trek company?
- Do I need to take a guide?
- Should I allow for other activities?
- How is the road condition at a particular point in time?
- Should I choose a flight or drive?
- Where do I go for permits?
- What are the tourists traps I should avoid?


An interesting spin-off can be that you might find like minded travellers who are coming for the same chat, and be able to join them on a small group trip, done on your own, or jointly booked with an operator of your choice


Karma Breakfast Club | 0800 - 0900 hrs

Come an hour early and enjoy one of the best breakfasts in town, with excellent single-origin drip coffee, and healthy meal options.

Add Rs. 650.- (for a set breakfast) or order a la carte

Trekkers Stretch | 0700 - 0800 hrs

Come two hours early and join a Trekker Stretch Class, that helps understand how your body works during a multi-day trek, and how to avoid injuries while trekking.

Read more about this offer here!

  • Talk with a Local Expert | Kathmandu