Ropain | the rice planting Festival 2020

A blanket of rain casts a shadow on the emerald fields of the valley. It is June*, and the monsoon season has once again greeted Nepal, with a cool, damp hug. Farmers of the Kathmandu valley begin the preparation to plant paddy in their fields.

The advent of the Monsoons, ushers a very important occasion in the agricultural calendar of Nepal. Rice is planted from the last week of June to the first week of July and is harvested around the middle of November. Both the planting and harvesting season is celebrated and revered throughout the farming community with food, drinks and merry making. Songs are sung, pleasantries exchanged and family bonds renewed. It promises to be an experience that will linger in the minds of the people who participate long after the actual event itself.

socialtours partners with the township of Bungamati and Khokana, and also with the social enterprise, Sabah Nepal to bring this experience every year!



  • Pick up and drop 
  • Traditional Newari snacks and meal
  • Free-flowing rice beer (of course children will get juice)
  • Tons of fun!


  • Hotel in Kathmandu
  • Personal expenses 
Day of planting Rice | THE ITINERARY

8:00AM: Gathering at Thamel 8:45AM: Drive to Bungamati 9:30am: Arrival at Bungamati followed by rice planting 11:00- 11.30: Newari snacks 12:30- 1:00pm: ending of Ropain. Getting ready for lunch 2:00- 2:30pm: Drive back from Bungamti 3:30pm: Back to Thamel

  • L

  • Self
  • tourist bus
Day Location Activity Transport Hotel Meals
of planting Rice Bungamati The Itinerary tourist bus Self L
Brief Itinerary Detailed Itinerary
  • "Ropain - Rice planting festival"

  • "Ropain - Rice planting festival"

  • "Ropain - Rice planting festival"

  • "Ropain - Rice planting festival"

  • "Ropain - Rice planting festival"

  • "Ropain - Rice planting festival"

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