Photo Tours | Patan & Freak Street

During the third edition of Photo KTM from 12th Oct - 16th Nov 2018, socialtours will conduct daily small group guided tours to Patan and Freak Street

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  • Courtesy - socialtours

Departures from Thamel at 1000hrs | 1300 hrs | 1600hrs - three hours max.
Small group | 2 - 10 persons per group

2018 is the third edition of the hugely popular Photo Kathmandu, that brings together the best works from Nepal and the region, displayed in the squares and heritage sites in Patan and in Kathmandu. Read more about the exhibition here

This is a wonderful opportunity for travellers to combine a guided heritage walk with the added prespective from the photo exhibitions during this time - led by guides specially trained for the purpose.

Trips will leave from socialtours offices at HUB in Thamel, the gathering point for the tour.

Option to go to either Patan, the craft city - or to the famous Freak Street in Kathmandu.

TOP TIP: Arrive about half hour early, and enjoy a wonderful single orgin coffee or a speciality tea at Kar.ma Coffee, Nepal's first coffee boutique


Patan Tours - USD 45 - 35 per person (depending on size of group)
Kathmandu Tours - USD 35 - 25 per person (depending on size of group)

Solo booking: USD 80 - 65 (Patan & Kathmandu)

BOOK your spot here: http://photoKTMTours.youcanbook.me

- to and fro transport, guide and a small snack.


Experienced Guide
Entrance Tickets where required
Local Snack


Beverages and Tips

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Day Tours | What to carry

The day tours are the ones where you have to worry the least about what to carry. However, some information is always helpful.

  • A light jacket or a warm jacket (depending on time of year and how cold you generally get)
  • An umbrella or a rain jacket. You never know
  • Some money (in case a souvenir tempts you, or you want to have a drink)
  • A water bottle (water is available for purchase everywhere, though we do not recommend purchasing plastic bottles - garbage is a nuisance in Nepal.
  • Comfortable clothes - shorts are also fine of course..
  • Comfortable shoes - trainers are best!