Bhaktapur @ DAWN

One of the best times to enjoy this beautiful ancient city is at dawn, when people are just waking up. Time seems to have stood still at this time, as we discover what the place was like back in time!

The Story

Bhaktapur was one of the four kingdoms in the valley back in the day, and it is situated in the eastern edge of the valley. Its incredibly fertile land meant that there was enough food for everyone and the people could concentrate on the arts. This has resulted in Bhaktapur being a place of ancient beauty, charming and wonderful. Concentrating on mazimising agricultural land, the people stayed in concentrated settlements, with labyrinth walkways and squares.

All this was slowly modernining in the 70's and the locals uninterested in maintaining this rich heritage. A German project sponsored by the Embassy, started working in the 70's refurbishing buildings, building drainage, water supply and restoring the place painstakingly.

The result is that today, Bhaktapur is a must visit for travellers, with a fantastic ambience and feel!

We ENHANCE this in our trip, allowing travellers to experience it as this city wakes up, when citizens start the day like they did several centuries ago, going about their daily chores - worship, cleaning, walking, buying food - allowing for us to get a glimpse of how it might have been like, before the place turns into a regular 21st century town with a ancient look.

Dawn is also a time when this place looks magical and the best time for photography.


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