Be Active

Dream NOW. Travel LATER! Trek, hike, bike, paraglide, raft, kayak, bungy – all in safety, guided by local experts. Customisable to each traveller’s fitness level and interests, these soft trekking adventures allow you to enjoy Nepal to the fullest.

NOTE: While this is not a time to travel in the world, we are happy to help you plan, cost trips out and keep it ready, dates to be decided. We have the time to do that now. Even better than before! Write to us! In the meantime, stay safe, stay home!

Explore the outdoors in the safe hands of reliable professionals.

The options are endless: trek high or low altitude trails, hike for a day, venture off on a three-month trek across Nepal on the Great Himalayan Trail, or leisurely meander through villages, bike on a day trip or take off on a 14-day 1,000 km ride, tandem paraglide in the midst of 8,000 m peaks, or abseil down waterfalls...

All of our tour and trekking packages are custom-made to your needs. We also tailor make active holidays for people with special needs, so that everyone can enjoy what Nepal has to offer.