What to Carry on Day Tours

On day tours in Nepal, one does not have to carry much. A small day hiking bag, with the essentials - sunscreen, rain gear, money, chargers etc is all thats required really. Here is a handy list to refer from

The day tours are the ones where you have to worry the least about what to carry. However, some information is always helpful.

  • A light jacket or a warm jacket (depending on time of year and how cold you generally get)
  • An umbrella or a rain jacket. You never know
  • Some money (in case a souvenir tempts you, or you want to have a drink)
  • A water bottle (water is available for purchase everywhere, though we do not recommend purchasing plastic bottles - garbage is a nuisance in Nepal.
  • Comfortable clothes - shorts are also fine of course..
  • Comfortable shoes - trainers are best! If on a hike, even hiking boots are welcome
  • A light jacket, according to the weather

Carry all these on a hiking backpack, and if on an overnighter, either take a slightly bigger day pack with supplies and spare clothes, or if we have a porter along, carry a duffel bag for the porter!

Raj Gyawali

I am usually never in the office, and my colleagues call me the Tourist. I think strategically, and align the company to the future. I enjoy developing new experiences the most, and of course nothing can beat leading a group on a unique journey through Nepal. Uh Oh I forgot, I would rather be in the mountains! Also own www.ethicaltravelportal.com if you are looking at travelling in other parts of the world in a similar way