Packing for a Trek | top tips

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These items will make you happy while on trek. This is based on personal experience of trekking on my own and with family.

Quick Dry towel - no lodge except the luxury ones, give you towels, and a good size quick dry towel is great to have, though you do not take too many showers on treks.

Wet wipes - a quick pay down shower when required, and super useful.

Dry fruits and nuts - a great snack, and light weight to carry.

Spare sunglasses - you will be surprised how many people forget their sunglasses at the last lodge a day behind

Buff - these are fantastic as headgear and scarf.

River sandals - tie down river sandals have a good grip and good protection. You will be very happy to have it when you reach a lodge and need to air your feet. At the same time, they can double as a spare walking gear, just in case your trusted boots give way.

Life straw water bottle - great for quick purification and let's you drink great tasting water from everywhere.. No need for tasteless iodine or chlorine purification.

A small game. Evenings in the lodges are either for entertaining yourself and the fellow trekkers or for sleeping. Have a game handy. You will make quick friends

Toilet paper - of you like a soft wipe of the backside, take your own grade of loo roll.

Small bags - so you can separate the dirty laundry from the clean.

About two meters of thin rope and a carabiner or two - you will be surprised how handy these are when things fall apart.

Silk liner - super lightweight and adds several degrees of warmth inside the sleeping bag. Also, you can always just use the liner or under the bedsheets or blankets.

Raj Gyawali

I am usually never in the office, and my colleagues call me the Tourist. I think strategically, and align the company to the future. I enjoy developing new experiences the most, and of course nothing can beat leading a group on a unique journey through Nepal. Uh Oh I forgot, I would rather be in the mountains! Also own if you are looking at travelling in other parts of the world in a similar way