Packing a backpack

Packing a backpack for your trek can be complicated and confusing. However of you follow these simple rules, it can become quite easy.

Top tip: layout everything you are planning to take on your bed. Take a good look at it and compare it with the gear list sent to you.

Then apply these principles

A = accessibility. The items you might need at a moments notice should be accessible, in zippered outside or top pockets. Basically easy to get to. Money, headlamp, medicine, compass, map would fall in this category

B = Balance. If the backpack is not balanced, it will be very difficult to carry. For this, pack the bulky heavy stuff at the bottom of the backpack, taking care to ensure it's properly balanced.

C = Compact. It is far easier to carry a well stuffed backpack than a loose one. If you roll up teeshirt, underwear, clothes etc, you can stow them compacted. You can also stuff more into your backpack this way. But do not forget balance!

D = Dry. Your backpack is pointless if with one shower everything gets wet. One easy way to ensure that this does not happen is to take a big garbage liner and line the backpack from the inside before packing it. Take care to have the garbage bin liner to be larger than the backpack so you can close the top well..

E = everything inside. Things hanging out of a backpack or just loosely tied to the outside disbalance the weight, and also can get stuck on twigs and trees. Have a backpack that is appropriate for your journey and big enough to have everything inside.

Above all, pack light. After all, you have to carry it!!!