KORA | Ride for a Cause

Every year since 2011, over 3000 riders gather in Kathmandu to ride the 50km, 75km and 100km loops of the city, for charity, for cause. it is the biggest event in Nepal, and possibly South Asia.

A Kora is a cicumambulation of a religious site, done clockwise. This ride does that in Kathmandu, in loops that are quite long. With some many temples and historical sites, this Kora itself has its relevance, but more importantly its that time of the year when all cycling lovers get together and ride for a cause.

Over the years, the event has funded education, health, prenatal and postnatal health, and more recently has moved to building cycling destinations and trails, to encourage a healthier lifestyle and enjoy what Nepal has to offer.

socialtours offers a trip in July that combines this amazing experience with a tour of Nepal - cultural or experiental! Your choice. Just talk to us.

More details of this event -

www.kathmandukora.net or @ktmkora on socialmedia