Vertical Dis-Integration

The founding business philosophy of socialtours lies on protecting three core notion: People, Planet and Profit.

Since its establishment in 2002 we have pivoted sustainable tourism initiative in our daily business operation. This means not only creating excellent service for our guests, but also supporting our co-workers, enriching our communities, and protecting our planet so that everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive. Socialtours goes that extra mile towards tackling complexity of societal injustice, environment pollution and unsustainable economics on grass root level.

Socialtours practices what it preaches, so one major sustainable tourism initiative we have opted is “Vertical disintegration” in our strategic plan. Socialtours despite being resourcefully able to diversify its investment to other sectors, such as, hospitality and transportation service is not willing to combine everything on its path. This makes us unique from majority of travel agency in whole Nepal as we aim to diversify our tourism earning by outsourcing such services for sustainable tourism economic growth. No doubt, such strategic step for community enrichment has hamper our smooth business operation in some way because its risky and challenging. Usually it is felt high during peak tourist season due to difficultly in booking hotels, transportation and guide services.

Our future initiative is to use eco-friendly vans, cars for our clients (which is again challenging) as people are still not ready to move out of their comfort zone. However, we are now slowly moving towards using taxi’s not only because of the costs but also to distribute money by creating opportunities to everybody. Not denying the fact that we are facing unnecessary fighting over taxi’s fare due to broken or missing taxi meter (working just fine), parking facilities, last minute service, lack of professionalism but at a slow pace we are trying our best to fix the problem and might continue it in future. So, we are constantly working on to improve and work more smoothly.

Despite such hindrances, socialtours has been able to provide excellence service to its guests and leave an incredible legacy of sustainable initiative on its path. We are fully aware of our limitation on practicing complete sustainable tourism business initiative. Even knowing that vertically integrate is the easiest way to make money, we still stick to our policy of not following it and do a “responsible business”. Not to forget, the idea of following this challenging, less flexible policy is only possible because of the great team that we have in socialtours.