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Feedback and Reviews are an integral part of the process of improving a company's service. We take it seriously and truly value it. It is an honour when you take some time to write to us and care enough to review the experiences you have had with socialtours.

At socialtours, we love to listen to you. One of our basic values talks about the fact that quality can never be 100% and there is always room for improvement.

In the service industry, this can be done by listening to our stakeholders - travellers, suppliers, staff, government, everyone thats benefits from a better service we provide. This is a continual process and we take it very seriously.

Of course, an independant review also helps us grow, and become more visible. So its a great help.

Social Media

On Facebook, you can review us on our page - www.facebook.com/socialtours.np

On Twitter, you can write to us, or write in general to @socialtours

On Instagram, we are at @socialtours

On Google, you can review us here

Using the #socialtours hashtag helps us a lot, whether its photographs of your experiences, or a blog, or a write up, or just a review!

by Email

You can write to us directly at team@socialtours.com or info@socialtours.com. If you want to reach out straight to the founder, use raj@socialtours.com.


We also have a PAGE at tripadvisor thats amassing an amazing amount of great reviews and we also have our share of critical appraisals that we use to improve upon. Check out some of the reviews right here.

Proven Experts

We also collate our reviews on a platform called Proven Experts. if this is your review portal of choice, do review us here

Please be honest, we genuinely want to improve. But of course if you just had a wonderful experience, feel free to mention that too!

Raj Gyawali

I am usually never in the office, and my colleagues call me the Tourist. I think strategically, and align the company to the future. I enjoy developing new experiences the most, and of course nothing can beat leading a group on a unique journey through Nepal. Uh Oh I forgot, I would rather be in the mountains! Also own www.ethicaltravelportal.com if you are looking at travelling in other parts of the world in a similar way