NEPAL | Travel Do's and Dont's

Seriously, none really. Guide books give a long list of etiquette.

- do not eat with the left hand
- do not show public affection
- do not wear short dresses

And so on and so on.

Fact is that Nepal is fast changing, and traditional etiquette is giving way to modern changes as it comes.

Top advice is that go with the flow. Do not overdo anything, there is no real need to attract attention to yourselves and your friends and family.

Raj Gyawali

I am usually never in the office, and my colleagues call me the Tourist. I think strategically, and align the company to the future. I enjoy developing new experiences the most, and of course nothing can beat leading a group on a unique journey through Nepal. Uh Oh I forgot, I would rather be in the mountains! Also own if you are looking at travelling in other parts of the world in a similar way