Guidelines for visitors to the Himalaya

The pandemic has resulted in the need for a new way to travel. Experts from socialtours teamed up with other experts in the industry to go to the mountains and developed COVID SAFE MOUNTAIN TOURISM best practices.

Nepal is opening up to a new approach to travel borne out of the Coronavirus contagion. We look to keeping our visitors safe and we seek your help. We do not ask you more than what most countries would ask of you.

  • All visitors and vacationers travelling to various trekking routes and places of interest are requested to following a minimum of best practices
  • Masking up while in a vehicle and interacting with communities or people outside your bubble is a must. Frequent washing of hands with soap or the use of standard sanitisers is recommended.
  • Insist that your tour operator or guide briefs you on the best local practices and safety protocol. This could be incorporated with your tour briefing before the start of your activity. COVID- 19 has bound communities and governments around the world to come out with many safety etiquettes. These could be on the macro or micro level.
  • Please respect and follow the guidelines. In case of confusion, it is always better to consult with your guide.
  • The new norm would most probably see people travel in their own bubble. This is being done for a reason. Please keep to your group and avoid unnecessary contact with other groups or people not familiar. Masking and physically distancing are the best ways to prevent yourself and others from being exposed to the virus.
  • Every community or area you visit might have its own set of procedures besides the national one. It is imperative that you are aware of them and the same is passed on to your clients and fellow crew members. It then becomes your responsibility to see that the awareness is there amongst your team and that its compliance is observed and respected.

pic courtesy: Christopher Noel

Please watch the guiding video here on the Nepal Tourism Board Youtube Channel

Raj Gyawali

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