Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

One of the few companies in the world that started with a principle of CSR, socialtours has internalised the principle of giving back to society, because the business survives because of society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about customer satisfaction, environmental protection and a positive contribution to development. It means developing quality products and offering customer choice. It includes training staff, providing a healthy and supportive working environment and entering long-term partnerships with suppliers.

CSR adds value through product differentiation and increased quality, as well as by preventing the degradation of the very base of the tourism experience, i.e nature and cultural heritage.

Corporate sector's Social Responsibilities

With the above notion in mind, socialtours is trying to contribute in this sector by trying to involve the civil society in the further growth and development of the global community. This, of course, is a difficult task and challenging since it involves attitude and money further complicated by various types of systems, laws and processes.

The basic value at socialtours is honesty and the trust of the civil society.