Payments and Cancellations

We aim to be flexible as possible in our payment terms and cancellations, making the process easy and flexible as it should be. However, complete flexibility is never possible, and we trust this can be understood

We offer the following four payment options:

a. 10% to confirm and 90% four weeks before arrival
b. 50% to confirm and 50% two weeks before arrival
c. 75% to confirm and 25% on arrival in Nepal
d. 100% advance payment

We are working with local banks here in Nepal to find a way to accept online credit card payments, which as of today is not possible. However, at the office in Kathmandu, all major credit cards are accepted, though the bank gets richer by 3.75% everytime you pay us with this mechanism.

Cancellations are also simple and done on a case by case basis, really! To keep it simple, generally we will be happy to refund payments, when the case is genuine and reasonable, retaining only the amount that has already been spent, or clear cancellations charges that were there on accomodation bookings, plus 25% for our efforts.

Remember though, repatriation of funds from Nepal is incredibly complicated, but its getting easier by the year.

COVID19 Annexe:

As the fear of COVID 19 grips the world and uncertainty prevail in the travel fraternity, socialtours want to assure you that in the event of an unlikely cancellation we will honor our cancellation policy and beyond.

  1. In the event of Nepal locking down its borders for further travel, it is difficult to predict how we can change the cancellation policy and refunds, as this is a situation we have never faced before. We are guessing that we will have to look at the case and see how best to coordinate the refunds. While this would not be a situation socialtours has created and beyond our control, we would of course not want to make it difficult for you. We foresee that this refund could go from a minimum of socialtours deducting 25% of the total amount and the rest being refunded, all to the point where we deduct any cancellations charges for hotels, guides, and crew and refund the rest. I guess we need to get into a focussed discussion should we reach that point. We do not, of course, expect us to reach there, but rest assured, we will want to find the best possible solution.
  2. The second scenario when you do not feel safe to travel from your side and cancel the trip more than 2 weeks in advance then socialtours is committed to refund 50% of the total amount (this would have been over 4 weeks in our previous cancellation policy)
  3. The third scenario where you do not feel safe to travel and cancel the trip between 1 week and 2 weeks of travel, then socialtours is committed to refund 25% of the total amount (this would have been 100% if the cancellations were less than 4 weeks prior to travel)
  4. If the cancellation is at the very last minute without us or the country initiating it, we do not see any other possibility than saying that there will be no refund.