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A 700 year old building, which was retrofitted in the 70's by the Germans has an amazing interlocking system of just wood and brick, survived all that this Earthquake had to give it. The system, according to the owners shifts along with the earthquake and keeps it safe. Proud to be supporting ancient traditional architecture, retrofitted with latest technology to survive whatever its thrown at it! Our Dawn at Bhaktapur trip will definitely use this Guest House in Bhaktapur!

The Guest house is now working on demolishing houses that are considered unsafe in Bhaktapur, making the alleyways and roads safer for locals and tourists alike.

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Tridevi Marg,Thamel, Kathmandu | Tel: +977 1 4412 508, +977 9801 1234 01 (available 24/7) | e-mail: info@socialtours.com

(open: 10:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri) At TriDevi Marg, opposite of the Himalayan Bank, you will see a small lane on the left of the SALEWA Store. We're at the end of the lane.